The God Head

13 10 2018

There’s a story about an American Man who was beaten by some thugs one night, and woke after days in hospital to find that he saw the beauty in complex equations, which previously, he had no no understanding.

Then the other, who I only vaguely recall, who was in a car accident, then later discovered that he had an ability to turn wood into incredible works of art.

I feel that I have something which might be like that.

I’m not sure how to classify Wolfie, initially I thought he was a spirit and sought some indication from Native American religions, though I didn’t go too deeply into it.

But these days I think he is more of a higher level of consciousness.

Wise and ancient, and all the little clichès, the core of Wolfie sits in his temple like a Hindu God, at least that’s how I see him, at least the truest form of what he is. 

Reflective, thoughtful, careful, patient, cheeky.

While I am liable to rush into something, Wolfie suggests in his own gentle way that perhaps I ought to relax and put more thought into it first. He’s very often right, I have saved myself time and money in taking his councel.

I know Wolfie is me, but there’s a problem, I feel that there is a separation between us which prevents me from reaching my full potential, some sort of barrier in my mind which I can neither identify, nor cross.

Years ago a musician, after hearing my story, suggested mushrooms, the kind not sold at Coles. He thought that a trip might connect the dots. While intrigued, nothing came of it. There is a frightening element to it, I’ve never taken drugs and I’ve never been drunk.

And yet, I still think about it, what if it’s the light at the end of the tunnel?

Hypnosis is another consideration, would it help me connect without the use of drugs, can I even be hypnotised anyway?

Once in a while I’ve had dreams where I felt close to getting somewhere, only for the dream to change, or me to wake too soon.

Somewhere in my head I am chained up, and it manifests in my life, where I am stuck at home, in this life, unable to take the road out of here.

But how I’ll get from here to there, I don’t know.

Wolfie Rankin.


Professor Ben

2 05 2013

One of our Clubs favourite members is a bloke by the name of Professor Ben Sutton, Who is completely Human.

His connection to us began in the 70’s when He was a Uni student and a friend of his fronted up to him over unusual personal… Well, you understand. Now Ben was just the right person to go to, as he rarely lost his head over anything, and He probably saved the life of the person who, eventually founded our Club just a few years later.

While Ben isn’t exactly a local anymore, He still makes an effort to come over, often when he needs time to himself so that he can clear the cobwebs, which is what Clubs are generally for.

Ben was a portly sort of bloke, with a bit of a beard on his chin, his hair was badly brushed, and his clothes were very casual, He didn’t have time for his looks, as his mind was always far too busy, even when he was relaxed.

But Ben always allowed time for company, We were “His pack of friends”.

From time to time we’d have “Pub Science” evenings, which were either planned, or more often that not, simply happen. Werewolves can be such geeks, gadgets and science-fiction videos were strewn around on benches, and star wars figures guarded corners of the club.

One evening, about five of us and one Ben were having a conversation about scientists thinking that everything is just one big simulation inside a computer, and then said that where there are computers, there are always hackers.

“Isn’t it interesting” He said “That you can all speak really clearly, even though your mouths are clearly not meant for speaking?”

He was right, Here were we with our big wolfy mouths, and our large canine teeth, speaking normally, it shouldn’t be possible. but then, maybe we shouldn’t be possible either.

He spoke about Tal, our Swedish friend, Who could do the most amazing things with electrical devices, one of the very first things he ever did was to repair a burnt out light globe by simply holding it and thinking,  He would re-program computer games in the arcades, again, just by seeing into the machine, and thinking, There was “The Rambo Incident” at the local Timezone, which still raises a smile now and then.

Tal was working on a musical instrument, Possibly inspired by our Hostess (who was rather keen on me) Charlene, A talented Cello player, like her Mother… anyway, He called it a Psycho-Rod, a “Mind to Midi” device in which he hoped that He could finally play a hot guitar riff just like Brian May

It looked a bit like a Keytar, but had a flat glass plate on the front, no keys at all, it wouldn’t need any, if it worked. But at the time, despite Tal being an absolute genius, with or without his ability, it didn’t.

Ben pointed to me and spoke about my healing abilities, and wondered where that came from too.

My first experience involved seeing the lights in My Mothers head, and curing her of deafness which she had acquired while working, unprotected, as everyone was back then, at a weaving mill quite a few years earlier.

I remember Mum walking around the next day, hearing things like the buzz and mosquito like whine of the fluorescent lights in the kitchen, and then listening to hours of my music. It was like she was a new person, and it made me so happy.

I didn’t see tissue when I healed people, I saw golden lines and little clockwork cogs which jammed or came adrift, and only needed to be put back into place, It was like the meridian lines I’d seen on posters at the acupuncturists wall, except mine was far more complex, always moving and changing, never static. If Bens theory about us being sort of like hackers who were inside a giant computer, then was what I saw just how I interpreted code?

Tal saw letters and numbers, while Charlene saw music notation… others saw colours or even heard sounds.It was like a kind of synesthesia, except that we could use it to make things work or to heal.

When I was a child, I believed magic was real, until a little girl told me it wasn’t, and I was always kind of sad after that, it was as though I’d lost something beautiful, but now I had all this wonder in my life, and I loved it.

I often wondered if it was all just a dream, and if I’d wake up, but the red phone in the club was always the same, and all the words in the magazines on the tables stayed just as they were, I would sit there sometimes, really still, and just listen.

Wolfie Rankin

Copyright PWTS 2013.

The history of the Werewolf

30 04 2013

I want to tell you about the history of the Werewolf,  I’m going to leave a lot out, but I hope you’ll get the basic idea, I hope it sets things straight.

We have a kind of diary, which was written by our people, spanning hundreds of generations. and in many different languages, some languages are so old that they’re difficult to translate, but we have tried none the less.

A long time ago Humans and Werewolves were friends, We were trusted, and we protected homes from thieves. While Humans assumed we stood silent guard like soldiers, we in fact were just doing what a Werewolf does, and if someone from Town met a Werewolf at night, it wasn’t that much of a concern, as they often knew each other anyway.

But Humans and Werewolves made up blood curdling stories which would pass off as truth and would keep would be thieves away, it generally worked, and there aren’t many instances in the book where someone suspect was apprehended, often they were drunk or had blundered in from elsewhere, and when it did happen, the intruder would generally wet themselves and be shown the way out of whatever town or village it might have been.

We did a reasonable job of keeping stock losses down, by chasing foxes, which was apparently a lot of fun judging by the drawings.

Werewolves also had another use, a healing ability, not just for ourselves, but for others… When you look at someone and then inside them, you see the golden lines, and the sprockets and gears, all the little wheels of life which make everything work. sometimes the sprockets fall out or the wires break, and when you can see them and move them with your mind, a body can be repaired.

We didn’t take life, unless we wanted to eat, and even then we didn’t take more than a Human would want for themselves, We loved life, our own lives and the lives of others.

We were loved, Life was good for both species, and in general, it was a happy time.

People back then often had no education, but the book seems to show that many people were intelligent even if they were often superstitious. They would often leave offerings for deities which didn’t exist, We never touched their offerings, to do so would have “proved” that some external force existed… but of course some of us were superstitious too, we were still people and still had our weaknesses.

So you may wonder, what went wrong? Why did such a beautiful relationship sour?

A different kind of person began turning up in places where we lived, armed with good books about bigger Gods which had made all of the World and all things in it, except for the likes of us, who were made by the forces of darkness, apparently.

For a long time, the people shunned the idea, but slowly began to wonder who was right, and who was wrong, The Children were easier to convert, and it was they who were preyed upon, and slowly people became afraid of us.

The older generations still knew us, and kept in contact, and although they wanted to tell the new generations that there was nothing wrong, they were afraid, because speaking out could mean death.

It was like a disease had caught hold and was killing everything good that we ever had.

And so those who remembered we were kind, came together one night, and met with our elders in one particular village one night, and they suggested we vanish from Human memory, how long would it take? one generation to forget everything? perhaps.

Anything remembering the werewolf which hadn’t been broken already, would be removed, broke or hidden away, and memory of the werewolves would not be passed onto the humans.

And then gradually, we too, pulled up our roots and moved along, not always finding one of our own kind to have children with, We fell in love with Humans, and they in turn with us, and we even forgot, after a while, who we were, and what we could do.

Only a few dedicated souls kept the diary, and kept writing the story which had to be told.

Now and then it passed into Human hands, and risked being lost or destroyed from time to time, such as in the great fire of London, and the Blitz which came later. It traveled all over Europe, to Africa, The Middle East and back again, and all it’s journeys recorded within.

But although we tried to hide, The Werewolf mythology remained, and not of the nice werewolf either, but of the blood crazed killer, which had only been amplified by those who had bought religion into those ancient homes of ours, but yes, it was partly our own fault.

Have you noticed a potential problem dear reader?

We had been inter-breeding with humans for centuries, for centuries, so much so, that now it’s rare to find a human without whatever makes us, us… a gene? no it’s not, we’ve looked.

So occasionally one of us “wakes up” and changes form, and the problem with the werewolf is that he or she becomes what he or she believes themselves to be, and the only books on the subject are about the horrible, murderous beasts of legend, so what do you suppose happens?

We dread news that a Werewolf has killed someone, and those of us who know our real history dedicate ourselves to watching for these poor souls who need protection, not a bullet in the head.

Yes sometimes one Werewolf bites a “Human” and then we have two to cope with, as the “Human” believes they’ve been bitten by a Werewolf, and it wakes them up too, at least if they have a Werewolf in their ancestry.

My friends meet in an old basement near Degraves street in Melbourne, and have created a “pub” there, which is very cosy on a winters night, That’s where the Loup-Garou Underground was founded, an operation to locate our kind before they cause or come to harm.

There so few of us, but we do our best using any mode of communication we can to follow a lead.

Since the Loup-Garou Underground Melbourne HQ was formed in 1976, Five others have been created on other points of the globe, and slowly our people are coming back.

In this age of enlightenment, we hope that one day we can accepted, and even loved by the Human community again.

I hope this brief explanation has helped me to explain who we are.



(C) PWTS All Rights Reserved, 2013.

AIR FM – Transcript. Melbourne, Australia

12 02 2013

Werewolves of Melbourne – Lesley Jones
Broadcast: Monday 11 February 1986.

Werewolves have been a part of human folklore for centuries, and later
took the starring role in many of our books and films, filling us with
fear late at night, and giving us blood curdling nightmares… If we could
sleep at all.

Many of us thought that the Werewolf would remain a fictional character
forever, until Australian born rock singer Wolfie Rankin “came out” during
the “Aurora” concert in 1983.

Has it changed our perceptions about who and what the Werewolf really is.

Wolfie Rankin, Thankyou for coming into the studio tonight.

It’s a Pleasure, Thankyou.

I began by mentioning horror movies, and wonder if you think that there’s still a tendency for people, your fans included, to think about the werewolf as a blood thirsty creature of the night? and does it bother you?

No, not really, I mean it has been discussed among some of the other werewolves but we’re not generally worried about it, many of us grew up watching those movies, I certainly did…

You didn’t know you were a Werewolf until you were fifteen, right?

That’s right.

When you first transformed, what was that like? Was there any warning?

Well I remember having the odd twinge in my body and not worrying about it all that much, it wasn’t until after the fact that I looked back with Twenty-Twenty vision and went, Oh, So that’s what that was.

On the day that it happened, I remember being very stiff and sore and my fillings fell out.

It happened during the day?

Yep, Two PM on a Saturday afternoon, so pop goes that cliche. *laughs*

Would you mind taking us through what it was like?

Happy to, I know there are others out there who haven’t changed yet, and while I took it fairly well, others have a really hard time with it.

I’d been out walking Laddie, our Dog, with Dad after lunch and my body began to ache, it wasn’t too bad, but I remember sort of limping around and once I was home, I told Mum who was fairly concerned, especially after me going “Oh look, another filling popped out”.

She straightened my bed and made me lay down, and filled the hot water bottles up for me.

Good old Mum.

Yes exactly, Dad was worried too, I remember hearing him in the kitchen asking Mum if She wanted him to drive me to the hospital, Mum didn’t know what to do, but I’m glad they didn’t do that or it would have made things so much worse.

Anyway, once it happened, there was no pain, it was almost like my body let out this big sigh and all the tension left, and then it was like I had an erection over my entire body, and all the fur sprouted.

It felt lovely, really… but I also felt strangely drunk.

Then I noticed my arms, and my hands and just thought “Oh that’s nice”, and
about five minutes later it started to occur to me that I’m going to have to tell someone.

I thought of Teen Wolf…

So the movies got some things right then?

Oh, It’s generally accepted that if any movie got things right, that Teen Wolf came the closest. *Laughs*

My whole life is basically a better version of Teen Wolf, except the costume is better and I have a Guitar rather than a basketball.  *Laughs*

So what happened then?

Well I wanted to panic a bit, but I couldn’t get up, and Mum came back and
that was that.

How did She take it?

It was difficult, She wasn’t sure what I was, or maybe even who I was, I think she had thought a few things which she still hasn’t told me… but there I was, all seven feet of me, with my legs sticking out at the end of the bed.

She wasn’t prepared for it, how could she be?

I’m grateful that she didn’t watch horror films, I think that would have made things worse, she had none of that imagery in her head so, perhaps, it was easier for her.

Dad was a different kettle of fish, I remember him coming in and looking at me, and his mouth dropped open, and then he said “You alright Son?” and  I said “Yeah, I think so”… although my mouth wouldn’t work properly so I sort of mumbled it. and he nodded and that was that. It’s funny how some people react.

He wasn’t fussed?

Not at all, There’s a part of Dad which never grew up, which I think we all have, but I could just see that sparkle in his eyes that said “Cool!”.

I’m glad because I think it made everything easier for Mum.

Dad helped me get out of bed, and was somewhat surprised when he saw how big I was,

I wrapped my arm around him for support because I was still wobbly on my feet, My Dad is this big truckie and I think he was straining under the weight, so he’s trying to hold me up without falling over and I’m trying not to knock him over or run into anything, it was a mess. *laughs*

My whole body had changed into something new and I had to re-learn how to do everything.

I was getting around the house awkwardly, trying to walk without falling over and I was saying “Look at me, look at me” and then at some point I remember thinking “Oh crap, I’m naked”, so I went to the bathroom and put a towel around myself, and that’s all I could wear for a few days.

You didn’t change back?

No, I was like that for a solid month or more, so I was confined to the house. and you know, I’m generally an inside person, but not going out wore thin, I snuck out a few times, late at night to walk the dog with Dad.

I had no idea if I would revert to my old body or not, and I was worried that it might hurt if I did, or something would go wrong, if I’d die.

What kind of difficulties did you face over that month.

You begin to realise how much of this world is made for “normal people”, You don’t really get it until your body changes in such a drastic way and things which were easy to use can suddenly be difficult.

The first night I changed, I couldn’t use a knife or fork, so Mum cut things up and fed me as though I was a baby, I think she quite enjoyed doing that even though she was also still really worried about me.

It was difficult to use a toilet, I had to really think about that one but
eventually everything worked out well.

What about playing the guitar.

If anything, that seemed easier, for which I was grateful. Having claws at
the ends of my fingers was a real asset there.

Except I couldn’t sing, It took me a good few months to understand how my voice worked.

I remember reading an article earlier on where someone suggested you weren’t really a werewolf, and that it was all some sort of publicity stunt.

Oh yes, I’ve read a few of those too. *laughs*

They cited your ability to form words with a “dog shaped mouth” as impossible.

Well there you go, that proves it then *laughs* Fake as…
I do understand though, there’s a lot of things which shouldn’t be possible and people think well, logically, that can’t be right.

When you went on The Don Lane Show shortly after coming out on stage, didn’t that help?

Not really, I think a lot of people still think the whole thing’s as fake as the moon landing, I’m not fussed about it really, But the Doctors and Vets who examined me that night, were convinced that I wasn’t fake. but then they had difficulties with their workmates and patients so in retrospect although I wasn’t just trying to clarify my position, it wasn’t good for them and it came across as a bit of a stunt.

I know you’ve spoken about it many times before, but what was it like to come out on stage like that?

Difficult, I was more worried about the other Weres than myself, I’ve done well for myself over the years and have a nice big home with security, but not everyone else does.

Although we’ve never been all that secret, people just saw us but would keep it to themselves, people aren’t worried about Werewolves at all which sort of flies in the face of everything… it’s like “Oh, You’re a Werewolf? <pause> cool” and it’s a kind of a let down really *laughs*.

Certain People in Melbourne, the vagrants, the ladies of the night, the cops, always knew we were there..

So when….

But you know the band had no idea, and I just told them I’d make this big announcement and not to worry too much, just keep playing. it was ok, but it got a bit complicated later when we had to have a long talk about it, but after a month or so, we were just us again.

You mentioned the other Werewolves, are there many of you and where do you

There’s perhaps around thirty of us at the moment, others always show up. We have a place which has been converted into a sort of pub, we hang out there and then go for a walk if we feel the need for a lung full of smog… But I’m not going to say where it is.

mind if we dispel a few myths?

Not at all.

Full Moons?

It’s bollocks, although I find I can’t sleep very well when there’s a full moon. I can change at any time, and so can all the others.

What about Silver?

Well I’ve been to a few lovely evenings where silver cutlery was involved, nothing happened. I can’t say anything about silver bullets as I haven’t been shot at and neither have any of my friends, I hope that remains the status quo.

Is it a curse?

*laughs* Definitely not, it’s incredible, I love it.

Next Album?

We’re still working on it, but it’s getting close to being finished, We’re hoping for a release date of around May or June and another concert in June or July we think.

AHA! A Scoop!

Yes indeed!

Wolfie, Thanks for coming in, and good luck with the next album and tour.

Thankyou for having me and for your wishes.

I’ve just been chatting to Wolfie Rankin and as he says a new album around
May or June, Sounds good to me.

It’s five o’clock here at Air FM.


Copyright Air FM 1986

Air Digital, Melbourne Australia.

Snow Dropping

19 09 2012

My readers would know that I’m a Furry, and I identify myself via my Furry name and Avatar, which I use on every social media network I have an account with.

The thought had occurred to me that one day I may be browsing online, and see my own Avatar being used by someone else, and wondering how I’d feel about that.

This week, it happened to someone I know.

Someone had recently set up an account on a social network, found a drawing of a fox, and decided they would use it.

But they were caught.

The friend who has legitimate claim to the Avatar had paid an Artist to draw his character, and was quite miffed when they spotted this other user, using it.

A Furry Avatar in general is one which people have created themselves, not something that we just grabbed from the internet and decided that it would represent us.

If the image was not created by the owner, then it was either a commission from an Artist, or a gift from an Artist… which happens frequently in Furry circles.

Avatars are crafted with care, and can often have a long history. My “Wolf in a Circle” design goes back to 1989, when I first sketched it on a notepad with a biro.

Using another persons Avatar, to me, is a bit like leaping a fence and pinching clothes off someones washing line, and wearing those clothes out in the street.

Imagine how you’d feel if on the way to the shop, you bumped into someone wearing all your gear.

While reading this, some of you have correctly thought “Identity Theft” which is what this is, Our Furry Names and Avatars are indeed our identities, which are recognised by Furries and Non-Furries alike.

If you should see someone using a Furry Avatar which belongs to someone else, please inform them that what they’ve done is not on, and gently persuade them to get another Avatar.

If they really want a Furry avatar of their own, then there are ways and means of getting that done, simply starting a chat with Furries can put them on the right track.

Otherwise, a photo might just be enough?


Introducing Wolfies Law of Pants and Jiggly Bits.

16 09 2012

Written for Furry Artists, and for those working with realistic looking creatures in film.

When a realistic half human character is drawn naked, then they should come complete with the genitals of their sex and species.

If the Artist is concerned about drawing Genitalia or Breasts,
then they must put clothing on their character.

The Artist must never draw a character naked and WITHOUT genitals.

If a scene requires nudity, such as when the character is showering, and the artist does not wish to have genitals on show, then they must use a device to cover the characters equipment… such as a towel, sponge, soap dish, or rampant Frankfurter.

(Frankfurter, not Frank N Furter… but then, why not?)

like in that nude scene from the Austin Powers movies.

But a naked character should never be seen without genitals if viewed in full (or closeup, I suppose)

Having a character without genitals is obnoxious and stupid, why would you normally leave a nose off your characters face? You wouldn’t, so don’t crop other parts off your character.

Morals be damned, it’s your body, your cock isn’t demon-spawn, and your breasts aren’t satans fun bags for idle hands. (not unless you’re lucky) and Kids aren’t going to freak out about it, most have a dog and many have been to a farm or a zoo at one stage or another and know what goes on.

Have you even known a kid to not be fascinated when an Elephant has a pee?

And a hint, if you do clothe your characters, give them a bit of a lump where things should be, a boy is after all, still a boy, even if he’s a wolf, eh?

That Commission

6 07 2012

Here’s some more updates on the art commission by Piti Yindee

Piti drew Wolfie in quite a nice pose I thought, and I added a mic to show him what I thought might be nice,

I was fortunate enough to find a picture of a microphone at exactly the right height for Wolfie too.

So Piti sends me two updates, and they look like this…

And this, with a bit of shading.

And that’s that, for now.

The full colour image will come soon.

Do remember to pay Piti Yindee a visit at Wuffle Comics