19 09 2018

So, Why does society sometimes hate gay people?

Who taught society that being gay was a perversion?

What’s wrong with consensual sex anyway?

Tom’s considered a good lad, works hard, goes to Church on Sunday. Drops a gold coin in the collection plate. So does Mary, who Tom fancies. 

The two marry, they have two kids, the kids put two gold coins in the collection plate, as do the neighbours kids, and all the others.

It’s nice to get all that money.

Probably good to protect that income by scaring people into thinking that anything other than straight sex is wrong, that people are perverted, create laws against it, brand gays as criminals.

I think it was a plan that worked back in the 50s, but probably not as much now, at least I’d like to think so.

But I know the poisoned meme is still floating about.



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