5 09 2018

You know how you have a plant, let’s assume it’s Strawberry for arguments sake.

Now you could call the plant by it’s common name: Strawberry, or if you’re so inclined, you could go a bit fancy and call it by its botanical name, which happens to be Fragaria Ananassa.

Likewise you can have Manners or if you want to be fancy, Political Correctness.

And so I ask, What’s wrong with Manners?

If you see a bloke coming towards you, you say hello, you might even stop for a chat. If you don’t like them then you go about your business, if you do then you’ve made a friend, which is a win in my book.

No need to be nasty, ruins the day.

So when people say they’re against the PC brigade, I truly wonder why they want to wallow in misery when their lives could be loads better, brighter, much more cheerful?

Peace to you all, have a nice day.



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