Not Quite Right

1 08 2018

I’ve been reviewing some of the clothing I’ve bought from ASOS lately, and most of the items have been perfectly decent. Those which, in two cases, just didn’t fit properly, were easily returned to ASOS via their brilliant free returns policy.

If for any reason you’re unhappy with a product, you simply hit Return on the app and ASOS will send you a return sticker via email, which the Post Office can scan straight off your phone and print out. 

This is stuck to your bag, and the lot goes back to the company without any fuss. Your money is refunded a few days later.

However a pink sweatshirt, which pleased me at first, ended up going a bit droopy after a single wash.

I have a Bosch front loader, I usually select the quick wash, and use Eucalyptus wool wash, so nothing drastic.

The issue was with the neck, which went wonky like the neck of an old t-shirt often will. 

It had another minor issue in that it’s called a sweatshirt, implying that it was probably thicker, but was about as thin as a regular t-shirt. But something light for the warmer months would be ok, so I wasn’t too fussed about that.




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