Dad’s antics

10 06 2018

Mum was often cross with Dad, He was bought up in a very poor family, times were hard and you did whatever you could, and in some ways, even though he grew up, been in the Army, and went to Melbourne to Marry Mum, he never quite got over certain behaviour.

While having a hot toddy and English Muffins with Jette at 4am, I thought of this one story which took place years before I was born.

Dad came home with this satisfied look on his face like a dog who’d found a massive mouldy bone somewhere and bought it home, only it wasn’t a bone, it was a huge rug rolled up under his arm.

“I was given this rug luv, it’s a bit stained but you can wash it and it should come up alright”.

It turned out the rug had come from a home where a bloke was either murdered, or committed suicide, his blood was all over the rug.

Somehow it just didn’t matter to my Dad, it was a free rug, that was all.

Mum was horrified and made him get rid of it, he probably grizzled about it but did as she asked.

The things you remember at 4am.

Wolfie Rankin.




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