8 06 2018

On offer at ASOS at the moment is a trench coat which caught my eye a few weeks ago, and I found myself checking it out regularly.

I’ve always fancied having one, they either remind me of The X-Files or of a Sax player in an 80s band, which might be hot if you’re thinking of one of the better bands.

I also think it’s a great, classic, wolfy look. Picturing the end of my tail just poking out from behind the knees.

So what held me back?

The price, and that I have bought a few jackets over the last few months, having decided to put more clothes on rather than heat the home with gas, as the winter here has been mild so far, that has been an easy thing to do.

But, then they had a sale, which is still on, and the price fell to a much more respectable $58, so I sprung for it.

Well it arrived today by express post, so I have had a chance to review it for those who might be hanging off like I was, while it’s still available at its sale price.

The trench coat is by ASOS design, so I don’t think you’ll find it anywhere else. It’s Navy blue, as these things too often are, and I really would like to see something in a pale green, pink or something brighter, I love bright colours.

But what gives it more appeal is the lining, chequered in light and dark grey with a hint of red, wear it open to flash your colours.

The coat looks waterproof, so it should keep you dry right down to your knees, though you’ll need a brolly to keep your head dry in the rain as it lacks a hood.

Now, it’s oversized which might appeal to some, but if that’s not for you then you can probably go a size smaller and you’ll be fine, but do take the time to measure yourself just to be sure.

My other jackets were bought for warmth, two are borg lined (fluffy woolly stuff) and two are heavily padded, but this one is very thin in comparison, it looks built to keep the wind out, but you’ll still need a jumper for warmth.

That isn’t a criticism though as sometimes a light coat is more than enough, it would be the perfect cover when vanishing off into the night.

I wouldn’t have bought it at it’s original price, but for $58 it’s a pretty good look! 

Wolfie Rankin




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