10 05 2018

My dear old mate Rattus (Marko) once told me that he’d found his place in life, and I was pleased for him, it made him happy.

Marko went to many furry conventions over the years, he was a bit of a star too. As we were close friends he asked me to come with him, and so I went to Midfur, twice.

Peter greeted me warmly, but I didn’t really know what I was doing there, and few knew me.

Yes I like furries, but I’m not heavily into the scene, I am merely myself, and most of my efforts are online only.

I had also been to a local Sci-fi con and felt much the same way.

I know that for many of my friends that a convention is an amazing thing which is looked forward to, I see the point of it, and I’m also very pleased that unlike any decade up to the 90s, there’s more to our culture than drinking and sport.

Yes I’m an introvert but sometimes I wonder if I’m just a miserable twat.

I have yet to find my place.

Wolfie Rankin.




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