The English U

28 04 2018

Whenever I hear this song, I picture a potential video along these lines.

There is a huge, pure white space where long, white marble stairs lead to white figures at the top, they look like people in white, form fitting  body socks or perhaps it’s CGI, They’re all identical. They move in sync with each other, much like the Women from old movies who swam in pools to music.

Their arms are raised above their heads, clapping. Then one takes the lead down the steps, he or she begins to sign the lyrics with their hands as the song is about language.

A teacher sits at a marble desk to the side of the stand, all of her exam papers are blown off her desk and shower the other characters.

At one point, the U is received by two, who reverently carry it up to the top of the stairs and place it, laying flat, on a marble podium and guard it.

The camera showly rises, and the entire platform turns out to be a huge ear, with the U as an ear ring.




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