From a Bunny’s Bum

29 03 2018

There have been imbeciles blubbering about the loss of the word Easter on Cadbury chocolate eggs, which is a lot of nonsense in so many ways.

Easter is religious and religion, whichever flavour is adopted, is the biggest barrow of bullshit there is.

Racism, it’s a boorish way to call out those of another faith, when yours is just as stupid. Men in the fucking sky, give me a break.

Chocolate eggs are mostly made of air, the shell is thin and the chocolate barely has any flavour in it as it lacks cocoa, you’re basically eating fat.  Buy yourself a proper bar of chocolate, something that makes your hair stand on end and makes you realise that life is worth living.

Lastly, an adult crying over a chocolate egg is utterly pathetic, I seldom use this phrase but please, grow the fuck up.




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