Real Unreal

24 02 2018

The idea that we are brains in jars isn’t far from the truth as concepts go.

In fact we are experiments in a kind of lab, and the experimenters are ourselves.

We subject ourselves to daily unrealities in order to see what we can cope with.

None of that which we see in waking life is any more real than the dream we had the night before, only more ordered.

The unreality is a shared experience, here you are reading this, a generated being, reading the thoughts of another generated being supposedly far away, but probably sharing the same physical space.

At times, the unreal space begins to break down, generally if the being has not slept much, causing hallucinations, which is where unreal space cracks to reveal portions of something we cannot readily identify.

Sleeping re-charges the unreal world, it becomes clear to us again, though in our natural state we had no need for sleep at all.

We are kept, stored, controlled.

But by whom? and for what purpose?

Wolfie Rankin



2 responses

24 02 2018
Roger Adkins

You are right, we are both far away, and yet, extremely close at the same time! If your house was a representation of the universe and you stuck a needle somewhere representing where you are, I would be at that exact pin point too!

Also, who controls us from afar? The governments or corporations, both or even something higher up? All of the above or at least some of them, perhaps!

24 02 2018
Wolfie Rankin

These are ideas I have, I’m sure others have them too. I wasn’t being serious of course… But then…

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