Not waving, drowning.

11 05 2016

The fellow on qanda was right, it’s hard for people like us to keep going. I can afford food for Jette (dog) and Vicky (cat), but the bills are a killer.

While I’m not a parent, I’m finding life very difficult.

My house, while I’m very lucky to have one, it was passed down to me from my parents, is old and desperately needs help.

The bathroom, covered in asbestos, is falling apart. I have no vanity, and no sewer since it has fallen to pieces underground… I’ve had a camera and snake down there often, but now it’s beyond salvage.

A repair would cost thousands.

My old stove is buggered, and some of the rooms lack lighting.

Oh, the backyard… you should see what remains of the fences, they’ve rotted away and I’m surprised they still stand.

I can live on very little, but that little seems to be shrinking at an alarming rate, I am merely treading water.

I still have my internet and I have my hobbies which help keep me somewhat sane.

One of those TV renovation shows would be a lifesaver at this point.

Yes I could move, but despite it being horrible, it is the only home I’ve known, and I am allowed to have my dog and cat.

I don’t know what to do.





One response

12 05 2016

Wolfie perhaps you could talk to some people with regard to the TV shows. Not being in the industry myself, means I don’t have a clue where to start.

Being in a very similar situation, I can relate to the desire to stay where you are. Without my animals it would be very hard to enjoy my day to day activities. They actually keep me going.

Hopefully, because you know more people in the entertainment industry, someone may know how to help you.

Lots of love to you and yours

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