A Money-less Society

8 03 2016

I’ve been thinking of this for a while, and have finally thought I’d sit down and write it out for your entertainment.

The first part of this post might sound as though I’m talking about popular science fiction, although that’s not what it’s about, but I’m going to raise sci-fi for a moment, as a guide.

Star Trek was one of the few stories about the future which seemed to have got a few things right, communicators in the show became real life flip phones, and The Enterprise had a multi-cultural crew, which was a remarkable idea at the time.

2001 A Space Odyssey had crew using something like iPads too.

But it’s the money-less society that has me thinking, could we ever get to a point where we had a world where money wasn’t used, and somehow everything is for free?

Well I began thinking about what money is, and most of us think that it’s an enabler, it allows us to pay for things we need.

But what if it’s actually a brake, in that it stops you from over consumption?

So when you go to the supermarket, rather than putting ninety frozen pizzas in your trolley, you buy two… because that’s all you really need, and it’s all you can afford anyway.

But it also limits your medicine, your education, your communication with others. Money causes constant worry, people worry about taxes and jobs.

Not to mention that people who destroy the planet often have more money they need, while those trying to preserve it are always begging for funding.

So consider now that there was some sort of public uprising, people were sick of money limiting their abilities and policies were changed, and somehow, money was abolished.

I think, mostly because people are greedy little shits, that on the day when everything became free, there would be people buying eighty tv sets to put in every room that they could, including five in the lavatory.

But, eventually, if this hadn’t killed the planet via over-consumption, there would come a time when people realised that there was no keeping up with the Joneses anymore, that everyone was equal, and could have whatever they required… and suddenly things would have far less value than they did previously.

Jobs would change, any business worthy of our time would survive, these would be jobs that we’d enjoy doing, while jobs which felt like a hard slog for nothing, would die off.

Working, would be the economy… or providing a service to others, in whatever small way we could. Many of us who don’t have an official job, do work in small ways which are not considered work by our standards.

Products would simply go where needed, it seems laughable now, but in that type of economy it would work.

I do your hair, you do my teeth, I wear your clothes, I produce books, you design my home… not directly, indirectly through the community, and I think it would work.

You might think this is silly, but the economy as it is now, if far more destructive to our health and our planet than this idea would be.

Wolfie Rankin





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