Second star on the right

28 02 2016

Lay down in the back yard at night and look up at the sky, find the faintest star that you can see.

Ponder on the thought that there’s a Planet circling it, a good sized Planet, with an atmosphere sitting right in “The Goldilocks Zone” where it’s not too hot, nor too cold.

And there are Aliens, keeping in mind that We are Aliens to them too.

Perhaps they aren’t ugly to us, like they often are in movies, perhaps they’re beautiful, but even if they’re not, maybe they’re not horrible inside like Humans often are.

Perhaps they have families, and the same sorts of problems and frustrations that we have.

Their technology might be better, or worse, it doesn’t really matter.

There’s one Alien, Let’s call him Fred, They might have Freds, Who knows.

Fred is a kind hearted, soft spoken person who’s having a rough time. His mate isn’t well, Her health has been up and down recently. Let’s call her Mabel, Mabel is the Mother of two kids, and one only recently started going to their version of School. Like all Mothers, Mabel had to cope with that and her problematic health.

But She’ll be ok, really, Fortunately their medicine is the best, it’s just that Mabel has something that isn’t seen that much, it’s curable.

And her Child, Ben, Will love School, and meet someone who will be a lifelong friend of his on his very first day.

Unlike us, they have multiple sentient species, who mostly speak the same language, and get on well with each other. They would find our hatred of another skin colour or sex very strange.

If they knew you or I, they would invite us to their home and offer us food and drink which would be something like what we have here, and the flavours would be amazing… sometimes the taste may not agree with us, but Fred and Mabel won’t hold it against us.

Fred and Mabel, and their Children could be our dearest friends.

They would send us cards during holidays, or send us photos of places they’ve been. We would send them gifts at Christmas and phone them now and then for a nice long chat.

Except we can’t.

Fred and Mabel live so far away that we could never know them, even if we wanted to.

Science has told us how vast space is, but even science doesn’t know what’s way out there, perhaps we only know a grain of sand, when there’s an entire beach.

Fred and Mabel are out there somewhere, it’s mathematically implausible that they’re not.

I think of my versions of Fred and Mabel quite often, and my heart aches for them.


Wolfie Rankin.






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