The Sewer.

4 12 2015
So, My sewer is blocking up again.
I’ll probably need to get the plumbers out, as I do each year, to clean it out with the snake.
Unless the 100+ year old pipes have finally caved in.
They put a camera down there and saw mud piling up, and tree roots from the giant Elm in our backyard.
I don’t want to cut down the Elm, isn’t that the problem with the world? cut down all the trees and get those pests out of the way and everything will be hunky dory?
The tree is home to lots of animals too, I like that, plus it keeps the extreme heat off of my house in summer.
If the pipes have caved in, which is happening at the far end of my yard, I’m in real trouble, as I can’t afford to fix it at all, However I asked a no dig company about it, and they were the ones who put the camera down there. They quoted $10K which is still out of my league.
I have read about flushless toilets, which might work, and even a grey water system might be an alternative, but is still going to cost a fortune.
I’m desperate, and have even considered jerry-rigging it if it all goes to crap… which it does, being a sewer.
No I cannot move, I’ve lived here for 50 years, it’s my home.



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