Bright lights and dim bulbs.

8 11 2015

I was thinking while out walking the dog, walking the dog often promotes thinking.

Money is the problem, we imagine that it’s useful, but it’s not really, it’s a big black wall with a sign stuck on it which reads “You cannot pass”. Even for those who have enough money, it has restricted the richness and beauty of the world that we might’ve had, if the poor were allowed to shine.

There are bright lights out there, ordinary folk with massive, life altering ideas. Perhaps it’s a cure for cancer, perhaps it’s a musical sound you’ve never heard before, perhaps it’s an invention, who knows?… but these people cannot get to first base, because they have no money.

Instead we’re stuck with dim bulbs to lead the way, greedy politicians hurting the weak, instilling fear through the rotten teeth of religion. Encouraging the growth of dirty industry while the masses are conned through bought media.

How can we live this way?

Wolfie Rankin.




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