What’s up with Twitter?

24 05 2015

For a long time I’ve been followed by genuine people, people who had been strangers, but who I got to know
and would have a chat with each day and possibly form friendships, it’s been great.

But lately I’ve had a stream of fake followers who either serve up quotes by famous people or, were re-tweeting particular things of much the same subject, photos, tips… what could pass for wisdom.

I’m not sure what it’s about, what’s the point?

Are they trying to capture real followers to seem more real to those who’ve been suckered into buying followers?

Are they “The Man” checking up on our accounts? (probably not)

I’ve also seen a lot of legitimate users complain that they’ve been following people only to discover hours later that they’ve been blocked. So I think people have had a few too many of these fakes and when they get a stranger following, who is honestly interested in the persons tweets, they don’t stop to figure out if they’re real or not, they just block, because they’re tired of checking.

They are getting harder to detect too, for me, three quotes and a handy tip is often enough for me to boot them, but sometimes I’m not sure if the person is, well, real..but a bit superficial.

There are still people who see Twitter as a numbers game, you have lots of followers and you’re a star. In theory that sounds ok, but if I were to check your followers and found lots of fakes, I’d consider you a wanker, not worthy of my time.

At the moment I’m blocking about six of these fakes per day, and that number is increasing.

I don’t see a cure beyond blocking when I get them, and I advise you do the same.

Wolfie Rankin.




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