Turn those apps off.

17 02 2015

I’m a complete social media nut, I use it constantly, but only over wi-fi when I’m at home, But when I upgraded from my iPhone 3GS to a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, I began to notice that the apps were on constantly.

The problem is that I have an extremely light account with my phone company, it allows me to contact people in an emergency, or phone a taxi. If I do use the internet while I’m out, it might be to take a note or to send a tweet while I have an idea, it might also be to use a map.

So while I can pull down the screen and switch mobile data off, which seems useful in theory. If I do want to use a single app while I’m out, there is a sudden rush by all the other apps to download any lingering data.

I would prefer that apps like Twitter and Facebook could be set so that they do not refresh while I’m out, but I could still write and send text.

A separate lite version perhaps?

Last night I noticed the Active Apps widget, which allows me to turn apps off, but am wondering if they’re totally off or will they still download data? I will experiment with that later.

Wolfie Rankin.




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