8 02 2015

After buying a phone, I went looking for a skin for the screen… but the Galaxy Note Edge was so new that Australian shops didn’t have a screen protector for it.

So I consulted the internet, and found that Skinomi skins were available on E-bay, so I shelled out for one, and weeks later it arrived in pristine condition from the US.

I had managed to use screen protectors on my Iphone and even on my old Palm PDA, so I wasn’t bothered by the idea of applying it, although I had major problems, which I’ll get to, when I got one for my Macbook.

The kit arrived, and the instructions said to watch the video on applying it, which was on youtube, which I did.

I watched the guy wipe his phone down, with the supp0lied cloth, spray his fingers with the supplied spray, then peel the skin and place it onto the phone, easy!

So I tried it, this is what happened.

I wiped the phone down and got it nice and clean, then sprayed my clean fingertips, and peeled the skin. Sprayed the back of it as instructed, Just as I was about to put the skin onto the phone… I noticed spots of dust, which had only just landed there, I live with an Alaskan Malamute, dust free places in this house, HAHA, Surely You Jest.

So I tried to wipe the phone again, but as hard as I tried to get all the dust off, there was no way I could manage it, and the film I had been holding had a fingerprint onto it, and wilted in my hand, and then I thought the phone was clean enough, and positioned the film in just the right… no that’s not looking right, I lifted it up, and it sticks and no, arggh, no….


I crumpled the stupid thing up and tossed it angrily to the floor.

The exact same thing happened when I tried to do it on the mac, dripping wet messy plastic, a very wet macbook, sticky stuff, sticking everywhere it wasn’t supposed to… anger… plastic mess on the floor.

So that’s twice I’ve wasted money on this stuff, although I can’t remember if it was the same brand.

Have you had better luck with it?

Wolfie Rankin.




One response

8 02 2015

My technique is to put a screen protector on the bathroom benchtop after a really steamy shower.

I close all the windows and doors have the shower,and then let the steam sit for 2-3 mins, letting the steam and water in the air clump dust together! Also doing after a shower means you’re wearing minimal clothing that could potentially drop dust down onto the phone. X3

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