The Misery of BluRay.

15 12 2014

I’m a music lover, and I’m usually looking for new vinyl or CDs, but once in a very rare blue moon, I fancy watching a movie.

So at the supermarket today I thought I’d grab Guardians of the Galaxy and give that a spin.

My PC is newish and has a bluray drive in it, but I’ve not had a BluRay movie yet, so this would be a first.

Around Ten, I popped the disc in the drive and prepared to watch it… it wouldn’t run in Windows Media Player, or VLC.

A quick Google search suggested that I should go to a page which would let me tweak VLC with a few clever files, which should sort out the problem.

it didn’t work.

Then I tried Cyberlinks DVD player, it’s a commercial player, which I didn’t have, but as there’s a 30 day trial on it, I thought it’d be ok to get.

Well that didn’t work either.

A friend told me that basically a certain movie distributor is so paranoid about piracy that it basically forces you onto a torrent site, because you’ll never get the original movie to play.

It’s now 1:17am, I’m fed up.

This bluray will be going cheap on e-bay tomorrow.



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