Winter dreams

28 06 2014

There are three dreams I think I’ve had before, and a great sense of calm.

Dad gave me a VHS mix tape of cartoon cartoon-esque cartoons and we just sat and watched them, barely spoke, but did.

He was laying on a couch and I was sitting in front of this big screen (tubed) tv, which looked a bit cartoony itself.

There’s a flash of another dream where Mum, Dad and I are eating, on a table in a city location, and talking about how they want to start making photos that move, like in the Harry Potter films.


Then there’s a beautiful scene, we’re on a hill, in the middle is mostly wilderness, the view goes down, then there’s a river right at the bottom, and it ascends on the other side, there’s an old brick building, and trees up there. it’s summer and the sun is going down. everything is golden.

There’s a trestle table down the hill a bit, where people, and Mum are eating, Mum is always eating something it seems, I wonder how she ever remained that thin.

There are photographers there, trying to get that one great shot, as is certainly was beautiful… and so was I, I have taken photos of it before.

There are buildings on each side of the scene, and a wall, which is just barely out of shot, and Mum and I get “trapped” there, we’re with a woman who is talking about her sick child, apparently the tummy was off and the arrowroot biscuits did no good at all, the child was walking with her at the time.

We walked through a passage, and there were little kids in this warm room, who were selling blankets and warm clothing, knitted jumpers and scarves and things, again on a long trestle table, and not much room for anything else, but it was very comfortable, and I remarked to Mum that I’d have to buy something there eventually.

When little kids show up in my dreams, they’re usually quiet and relaxed, often wearing white… they are my protectors, though I don’t see it at the time.

The dream ended here.




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