A New and Novel Type of Twitter Verification.

18 06 2014

As with most of us who use Twitter a lot, I have CRAVED the blue tick, the holy grail of Twitter crusaders.

But the only way many of us will get one is to be the red hot star of a hit Movie or become a Republican and say something dreadful.

And the way Twitter goes about handing out these ticks, is probably not the best way to do it, for them or their users.

Well I’ve given it some thought, and I think this might be a way to get it done quicker and better.

The folks at Twitter search for people who have been using Twitter for a few years, the users interact with others on a daily basis, appear friendly and helpful. and come across as, the genuine article… a real person.

Once this person has been found, they are nominated by Twitter to play the Verification game.

We will call this person Twitter has nominated, an Eagle. (Note the bird reference)

If they agree, then Twitter adds a “Swoop” icon to all Twitter pages, which can only be seen by Eagles.

The user now has the power to award any other twitter users, of their own choosing,  a single “Swoop”

They need to choose wisely, because Twitter has given them a limited number of Swoops to use, 500? 1000?

A user can only give a single Swoop to a particular person, once… they cannot give them any more than that, which in theory would stop a user giving ten of their Swoop to their significant other, boss, teen idol etc.

Then an Eagle gives someone they admire a Swoop,  the receiver gets a tweet which says something like:

“You have been Swooped by an Eagle”… But it doesn’t say who the Eagle was… probably a good thing, otherwise you’d get people begging you to Swoop them.

When any user receives ten Swoops, they get an automatic e-mail from Twitter, which is nothing more than a final check to see if the user isn’t just a bot, and bingo… they have their very own blue tick.

Unless notified, Twitter users will never know how many Swoops they have, until they’ve scored ten.

Eagles cannot give people who are verified a Swoop, the button won’t show up on their accounts, No point.

We all know people who should have been verified, and this would be a chance for the users to decide on who gets the big tick of approval.

I’m sure this could be used for practically any social network, if it was tweaked a bit for the purpose.


* Twitter would need to make clear that notifications to Eagles would be done solely on their own Twitter page, and invitations would never be e-mailed or tweeted in order to stop scammers who may try to take advantage of the idea.








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