The offering of an alternate economy

20 03 2014

Perhaps the economy we use now, is cruel, perhaps it drives people to the wrong places, perhaps it will be our ruin.

It clearly doesn’t value people enough, there are people out in this world who earn next to nothing, yet do provide something to society every day, and I would like to think that I fit into that mold.

What if there was an economy based upon being grateful to others?

For changing an elderly persons light globe, for helping a friend with their computer, for holding a door open, for changing someone’s tyre.

And if these credits could be used to buy food, pay bills, or buy supplies, then that might be a very nice thing, I’m interested in the effect upon society, would it be a generally nicer world? Well if people know that they’re being rewarded for their kindness (which replaces what we call a “job”) then being kind would be something they’d want to protect.

And that kindness should also extend to the environment.

Suppose you found a video online about a man who looked after baby possums, you could give him some… oh, let’s call them “Wolfies” 😉 and your points, and the points from others, kept him going?

This economy would have no basis on anything solid, no gold… everyone would start with, say 10,000 Wolfies, which would be generated when you sign on, and you could use these to spend on others, which others give you theirs.

Yes of course the system could be played, and this would have to be nutted out, How do we make absolutely sure that each person only has the one account and not a dozen?

I thought that a negative rating would be part of it, but if someone didn’t like someone else, for no reason, they could play havoc. so later I thought that there wouldn’t be any need for it, after all, the system shouldn’t promote anything nasty.

How could the points be used to buy bigger things, like a house?

And how would it stay active? we would get tired of giving everyone points all the time, perhaps it’s only possible with a computer which recognises that a kindness occurred, who was kind, and what they did, specifically… it would have to understand values… if you gave a friend a tomato you’d grown or you had worked all day on someone’s car.









4 responses

20 03 2014

Sounds like you’ve read Cory Doctorow’s Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom

20 03 2014
Wolfie Rankin

No, I haven’t, did you?

16 06 2014

Man it sounds like dogecoins! Look it up! Its already in place and growing

16 06 2014
Wolfie Rankin

Actually, I was thinking of whuffies wuffles or something, a fictional currency, a lot older than bitcoin.

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