Wolfie’s Vinyl

17 02 2014

A really strange thing has happened.

I’ve begun collecting vinyl records again.

The last time I bought a record must have been around 1990, but you know what, I missed it, and it appears that a lot of others did too.

I remember hanging out for my first CD in 1984, after hearing it played on the big monitor speakers at The School of Audio Engineering in St Kilda one evening. It was Michael Jacksons Thriller. I clearly remember walking from the record shop to the escalator and trying to open the box to see my first CD, it was stuck, and I battled to open the thing, but when I did, wow, here was this shiny little disc, with holographic colours inside of it, this was… the future!

The days of vinyl records were clearly numbered, but not completely over, I hadn’t yet managed to get a player, they cost over a grand back then.

Nor could I get CD singles, Most of my collection were singles, and now I’d have to buy albums… CD singles weren’t commonly available until the early 90s, and when they did finally arrive, they were just like 12″ singles, which wasn’t too bad, as long as they included the version which was being played on the radio… not always the case.

But I went off music for quite some time.

Then a few years ago, I heard about Record Store Day, an international event where a select few records would be released or re-issued, often as a collectors edition in a beautiful gate-fold sleeve and in coloured vinyl.

Well, I bought one or two and that was that, a collection which I thought wouldn’t get any larger, has suddenly flourished again.

My passion, musically, is retro, particularly the 80s, but I can go back to the 60s to, I recently bought two Beatles box sets which I’m very pleased with, and I’ve been following news of re-issues very closely.

I’ve realised that others are interested to, but haven’t quite tuned onto what’s happening.

So I’ve started a community page on Facebook and Google+ called “Wolfie’s Vinyl” to show people what’s out there.

I’d also really like to see what other people are collecting too.

So please drop in anytime and share your ideas.




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