Towel Heads

25 01 2014

I have a friend who I’ve known for a long time, in fact we met at Primary School in the 70’s.

He lives in Alice Springs and I rarely get to see him, but He has kept in touch.

He’s one of those people who, although online, is fearful of using the internet properly, He uses e-mailand that’s his limit.

So, Every week I can look forward to an e-mail full of memes from five years ago.

But lately, He’s been sending me a fair bit of racist memes, concerning “Towel Heads”, I think most of you will understand what those posts would contain.

Now if I were some sort of racist bogan, my little racist bogan mind, might decide that since I’m a fourth generation Aussie, with some Aboriginal blood in me, That I’d be well within my rights to call him a Wog, since his parents were clearly not Australian themselves.

That however, is not me.

This is me.

One sunny day at Kingsville Primary school, I found a gangly boy standing under a gum tree, crying. He was a funny looking kid, mostly because his mum made him wear the shortest of short shorts which gave him the appearance of having the longest, skinniest legs, a bit like a daddy long-legs spider.

I walked up to this kid, and I asked him why he was crying.

He told me that he’d been called a “German Sausage” (His Dad is German, His Mum Yugoslav), and he was clearly hurt by this.

I had been the butt of jokes myself, so I introduced myself, and from that day on, we were firm friends.

Our Parents also made friends with each other.

Years later I went to his 21st Birthday Party, and Attended his wedding, He married a Woman who adored him, and I’m proud to say they are still together today.

Tonight, I plan to remind him how we had met, and I hope a little guilt sets in.





One response

31 01 2014

Good friendship is a very big value. Your kind words about your friend made me feel a little happier today. I have a friend who I’ve known since 1997. And I found this fact really great 🙂

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