How I broke out of OCD

19 12 2013

Or one method I used anyway.

I never consulted a doctor about this, because at the time I had not heard about OCD and thought that this was just some stupid thing that I did.

I’d turn taps and lights on and off, or I’d fill something with water, empty it and do it again, and during one point in my life, I found it somewhat crippling and used to fear that someone would spot me doing it, sometimes I’d do something nearly a hundred times, it was awful.

Most people say that they fear that something bad will happen, if they don’t go through with whatever it is that they do, and they know, as I did, that it’s nonsense.

I would get very tired of the actions I took, sometimes they would keep me up later at night, or cause me to miss a train.

What I realised was that it was some sort of game, and I could write the rules, and that’s when I developed “Insurance”.

It works like this.

I might’ve turned the tap on and off five times already, and my mind was saying that I had to do it some more, otherwise whatever bad thing I had concocted, would happen, I could keep playing till I reached the safe point, I could leave and worry that the bad thing may actually happen, or I could stop at any time using insurance.

Insurance gives you an instant safe spot, you don’t have to worry about continuing because insurance will prevent the bad thing happening.

To take insurance, you just tap on the tap or the wall, or put a toe on a particular tile, then walk away.

Insurance has a few rules of its own.

* Must be something within reach of what you’re doing.

* Cannot be anything which causes an accident (rushing from one room to another, falling out the shower etc)

* Must be selected with ONE touch.

The idea is to get your brain out of the loop, in theory you’ll use insurance and your brain won’t think it’s a fun game anymore and you’ll simply give up and forget the whole thing.

It mostly worked for me, now and then I have sparse OCD attacks, but nothing nearly as bad as before.




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