You’re big enough and Ugly enough to look after yourself.

16 12 2013

There have been a lot of worries lately, all caused by the newly elected Abbott Government, which you probably know I despise, I may as well make that clear for those who don’t know.

One of the concerns is that at any moment, The ABC might be sold off, and a lot of worrying about that is coming from the ABC itself.

You know, the network that gave us the impression that everything Julia did was horrid, but Tony was a sweet little angel.

And now Tony has been elected, The ABC is going “Crikey, we might be sold off” and Getup are running petitions to prevent it happening.

Now if I were a kid and I’d caused something like that to happen, Mum would have looked at me with scorn, telling me that it’s my own damn fault, and she’d be right, Mum was wise like that.

Yes ABC, You caused this, and now you can eat it.



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