We, The People (Part 1) by Wolfie Rankin

9 12 2013

“We, The People” – Wolfie Rankin

The Doctor sighed and leaned against the inside door of the TARDIS, alone once again. His travel partner Hansel Stencil had fallen in love with a giant Tharg called Mangolin, and the two were engaged.

The Doctor really didn’t think Hansel had it in him, He’d known there had been a thing between them ever since, what was referred to as “the incident”.

He wiped a finger under his nose and pushed himself towards the console, and slumped over it.

The little lights twinkled in his eyes, like a child looking at lights on a Christmas tree, it was a sight that despite all of his years of looking at it, he’d never tire of.

He let out a long breath, and took his purple jacket off and hung it on his coat rack, He was exhausted.

He needed to go somewhere, somewhere nice, somewhere  he could sit and think for a while, perhaps read a book or two, He hadn’t done that in some time, He needed time and time needed him.

“What a corny line” He muttered under his breath.

“You’re not supposed to pass commentary on my writing, Doctor” I typed.

He let out a sudden puff of air, which may have passed for a laugh.

“Buttons, Switches, Knobs, Levers” He said as he ran his hand over all of them.

“It’s not so much about what is pressed, but how you press it, and that is how you “Fly” A TARDIS”

He almost casually flipped one tiny toggle switch and the entire TARDIS shuddered, then he pressed three buttons, spun around, grabbed hold of a lever, and pushed it down.

The TARDIS sprang to life, tiny lights like stars pulsed and flickered across the ceiling, while the column in the centre rose and fell, the machine breathing, conscious, alive.

The familiar sound signalling the TARDIS was leaving reverberated from every wall and…

“If you’re really going to follow me around, you could at least make yourself useful” said The Doctor, Clearly frustrated that he was not quite as alone as he would like… He made a flippant gesture with His hand and said “Make me a coffee”.

“You drink Coffee?” I typed, Questioning the man who…

“Yes, I do, or I did, I just started, again, I think” He pressed something and got a slight shock “ow”, He shook his hand in pain.

“You don’t have a coffee maker” I typed.

“That’s beside the point” he countered, displeased, burnt, frazzled.

He sucked his finger.

Three tiny stalks rose from a panel on the console, a balloon inflated on each with a squeak.

The Doctor leaned down to examine them, “That’s interesting” he thought aloud, “very interesting indeed”  as an arm reached out and pressed a toggle switch, and his foot pushed a pedal to the floor.

The TARDIS shuddered slightly, and the column in the middle of the console stopped.

He pressed a switch and the doors opened.

Warm daylight filled the inside of the TARDIS, and The Doctor walked outside, breathed deeply, and stretched.

The TARDIS had appeared in a field of what could have been wheat, which bent and twisted in the wind. Further out were manicured hills of green, and a few had trees on them.

He was about to take a step further out, when he looked down and saw a beetle with the shiny body of gold, sitting there amongst the grass, He bobbed down and noticed that there were quite a few beetles around, all with differently coloured bodies.

One with a red body buzzed around The Doctors jacket and settled upon his lapel.

The Doctor smiled “I shall name you Paul”.

He pulled out a whistle from his jacket pocket and blew it, on hearing this, the TARDIS opened a great blue and white awning around itself, with a muffled sort of floomph.

A beach chair was shoved out of the TARDIS door and came to an abrupt stop right next to The Doctor, on top of it were a pair of sunglasses, a book, and an after dinner mint.

“Thankyou Kindly” The Doctor said to the TARDIS, “This looks perfect”.
He put the sunglasses on and laid on the chair.

He looked at the cover of the book “Beastly Boys and Ghastly Girls by Roald Dahl, Excellent!”

As he read his book, Pauls friends examined the chair legs, which had been placed very carefully by the TARDIS so as not to harm the tiny folk in the grass.

The sun moved across the sky and both warm air and comfy chair let The Doctor drift to sleep, without a care.

“Hello” said a voice.

The Doctor woke and looked around, He spotted a tall man with fair skin, dressed in white, who was carrying a teapot.

“Hello” said The Doctor, to the unexpected arrival.

“My Name is Farrell, I spotted you here on your own and wondered if you would like some tea, and maybe a chat… or perhaps you’d rather sleep?”




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