A word about placement.

16 11 2013

We have a lovely cafe, deli nearby, which sells a lot of fresh produce, and I normally go there to pick up a nice big sandwich, or some chicken or maybe a pie, which I’ll often take home and freeze to eat later that week.

but they have some items which I’d never buy, fresh liquorice, which looks delicious, an assortment of sweet rolls, and a rack of fresh bread.

I’d love to buy it but won’t, because it’s on the counter, where people will cough and sneeze over, little kids who just had their finger up their noses, will prod, and as for the bread on the rack behind the counter, it’s just at the right height to be farted on.

Now this isn’t some sort of an attack on one shop, as I love the place, indeed I’m a regular customer, I have been for years. No, This is something which is common to a lot of similar shops.

And the problem that I have as a customer is that I’d really like to tell them how I feel, but don’t wish to offend.

I am uncomfortable with saying “I’d really like to buy this stuff, but…”

So I’ve written it here, because it’s incredibly common to a lot of places, I dare say it’s worldwide.

It can’t just be me who has thought about this, surely?




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