This is not the future

15 06 2013

Here we sit thinking we’re so advanced, but I often wonder.

We still drive cars and are happy to burn coal and oil, it might be saving our jobs, but is having a job more important than saving life, all life?

We can ignore climate change, wars and gun violence, while Celebrity sex scandals and baby bumps fill our magazines and newspapers.

What is this obsession we have for non-news?

Our media is a bit like hoping to sit down to a big roast dinner on a sunday and finding that all we’re really getting is a plate full of jellybeans.

It’s crap like this which is making Murdoch rich and the population stupid.

Our computers are marvelous, yet unable to think or consider, or know anything about their user or anything else, and they can be so damn frustrating to use.

And why the fuck are we still religious in 2013? can’t more people see that religion is the biggest ball and chain in the leg of humanity? it holds back science, medicine, and equality between the sexes and gets in the way of same sex marriage.

As a kid, I used to think that soon after the year 2000, things would be amazing, but I feel as though we’ve been ripped off.

Where are the big dreams we had?





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