9 06 2013

Someone on Twitter showed me this link, about a “Wolfy” Rankin who is apparently, according to this story a paedophile.

Obviously I don’t wish to be compared with this guy.

You will note the spelling of our names and our locations, mine is Australia.





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9 06 2013

Paedophile ? Dear Wolfie how is Posible this kind of attack around the world with any friend ? I respect your Location and Country,is an honor to meet someone from australia. I mean someone on twitter does this link,because I don’t know why do that ? from twitter ( Odia mis tweets ) and Anonymous are responsible for creating this kind of tweets. in fact also ( filosoraptor ) is another guy who does that for fun. Well is just a commentary, good day friend

10 06 2013
Wolfie Rankin

Relax friend, one person confused me with the other guy, fortunately they supplied the link which could be examined, and any doubts were easily put to rest.

I thought I’d supply the link so others would know too.

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