Hardly Hopeless.

8 06 2013

A fellow on Twitter can’t spell all that well, and you know, years back, I would have been inclined to laugh like Draco Malfoy. But as I’ve gone along in life, I’ve noticed a few things, like how one dog can do something really well, but the other can’t do it at all… but does something different very well.

So in a pack, you’re good, because at least someone will know what to do, and of course the same goes for tribes.

I’m of the opinion that perhaps we also, are not supposed to know everything, perhaps that straight A student is a bit of a freak, (but I’m not knocking it, if you can, great!).

Dad was good with machines, Mum was good with food and money, Dad couldn’t read or write well, but Mum, Myself and My Sister could fly through a book with ease… Poor Dad was sometimes, cruelly I’ll admit, the butt of our jokes… I regret it a great deal.

But remember, he was the one who could drive us all the way to Queensland from Melbourne, that and he had the homing instinct of a pigeon… it always came as a bit of a surprise if Dad got lost. (Like most Men, he wouldn’t ask for help, and would cop it from Mum.

This family unit of ours functioned well, we all assisted the other when we were wanted.

If someone seems a bit slow, give them time to show you what they’ve got.

The fellow on Twitter is Steve Strange, Who is the lead singer of Visage, and who ran the Blitz club in London, where The New Romantic movement began.

Hardly a hopeless case, eh?



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