Never post videos to Facebook

29 05 2013

Son, take a seat and let old Wolfie explain a few things to you *Puffs pipe* (promptly has a coughing fit because he doesn’t smoke) Son…(coughs some more) One should never, NEVER upload a video to Facebook.

Facebook is for talking and sharing, it’s not for photos and videos, photos and videos go on YouTube or Flickr, Like Milk goes in the fridge and Pasta goes in the panty, am I making myself clear?


Because, Son, If you were to post a video to Facebook, you won’t get nearly as many views.It works like this, If your Facebook friends see your video and they like it, they can share it with other Facebook users, which is all fine and good.

But, if one of your Facebook friends wants to share it on Twitter, and one of their friends sees his tweet and thinks the video might be fun to watch, but they don’t use Facebook, then they can’t see the video, which sucks for them because they miss out on the fun, and it sucks for you because you don’t get as many views as perhaps you’d like.

Always upload your videos to YouTube, copy the link from there, and paste that into your Facebook status, Then when someone else watches your video and wants to share it with others, all they need to do is just copy the link on your video, and paste it on their Twitter, Google+, WordPress or whatever else they may have.

That way your video can be watched and enjoyed by everyone equally, from whichever social network they use.

Make sense?

Good lad, Run along now.

*Sigh* ahh, kids today.



3 responses

8 06 2013

Hmm these are sage words my friend, coming from a well-identified zoophile who seems to have no understanding of internet privacy.

(Censor all you wish, this is being cross-posted)

8 06 2013
Wolfie Rankin

Zoos, yes I have known quite a few zoos in my lifetime, but my own sexuality is rather lacklustre.
but I am still very open with who I am and what I’m about, there’s no need to censor anything.

I have written here about how I have met zoos in the past, as a consequence of being a part of the furry fandom,
but that’s a bit like being a sportsman and finding some like cigars, the two don’t always mix.

8 06 2013
Brad Lemon

Could somebody please explain to me what a “well-identified zoophile” is? By ‘well-identified’, are you trying to say that you have evidence of Wolfie Rankin engaging in illegal activities? Would you produce it either here or to the authorities please? This is a bold accusation to make from behind an alias, but just allowing your judgement that Wolfie is associated with people who are sexually attracted to animals is abhorrent. The gross act here was your comment, ‘Eww’. Do you put all furries in the same pigeon-hole? Because I suspect you do, and your accusation is deadly serious.

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