Wet dunny rolls

10 05 2013

So here’s a mystery, the case of the soggy dunny rolls.

I found one behind the toilet, as soggy and as wet as could be, so I wondered if the cistern leaked, or perhaps it happened while mopping the floor, and I had not seen the roll behind the loo, which was probably kicked there and forgotten.

But yesterday, I went to replace one, and put my hand into the plastic bag they came in, I had two remaining, and they were utterly soaked.

I hadn’t mopped the floor, and they weren’t under the toilet where a leak (and I found no leak anyway) could soak them.

Am I making strange nocturnal trips to the loo and doing weird things in there? is the cat using them as her own loo?

They don’t smell of pee, they’re just wet, soaking wet.

There’s no leak in the roof, there’s been no rain anyway.

I don’t know what’s causing this.



Broken seal around the pipe leading out from the bowl! 🙂




3 responses

10 05 2013

l`m assuming the bag was behind/under the dunny bowl. You say you checked that the cistern is not leaking and the supply pipe/hose.
That would mean the leak is at the dunny bowl or the cistern out-flow pipe, which connects cistern to bowl, which can leak if the seat/lid rests against it.

Block the bowl inlet, screw up a big wad of newspaper to do this.
Once blocked, Flush. Find a leak back there.?

lf you didn`t find the leak, then it is the bowl out-flow grommet/seal.

13 05 2013
Wolfie Rankin

The last one on the list, yeah I found where the drip was coming from… plumber next.
If he comes, I called for one recently, got nothing.

13 05 2013

My guess would be – condensate. Bathrooms usually have a lot of it and plastic is good at trapping the water inside.

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