More thinking

10 05 2013

More self analysis…

I love having friends, and I love meeting them, but you all probably know how introverted I am.

I want the conversation, I want to share some time with a few friends, and mostly one at a time, or two perhaps, not too many all at once, not too much fuss.

And I think I need the contact, because otherwise I risk turning into Fuzzy Lumpkins from the Powerpuff Girls cartoon, Being grumpy, somewhat distrustful, having my Macbook instead of my Banjo and lacking only a “Boomstick”.

I want friends in my space, (not myspace) for a while, to have a coffee and to chat… and to use my hands cleaning a bench or putting away some plates instead of concentrating on a screen.

But I can only take so much, then I need my space, somewhere to be alone… but of course Katie and Vicky are always allowed to be with me, I never grow tired of their company, but humans are things I can only take in small doses, even if they’re close friends.

I need my space to do what I do, or perhaps I stop being myself, which isn’t nice.





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