Where the wild things are – Review

9 05 2013

Last night I downloaded a movie from itunes, the first HD movie I’d ever downloaded as a matter of fact, and it was “Where the wild things are”.

I’m not going to talk about the acting or the costumes, I want to talk about how I felt while watching it.

I could have taken the literal version, that Max, The main character in the film, had run away from his Mum and found himself on an island of creatures.

But I took the longer route and saw it like this.

Max runs into some bushes after an argument with his Mother (and a prior one with his older Sister on the same day).

Once there, he sits and thinks… He thinks pretty hard about life, and he imagines a group of creatures, which represent things about his family, and aspects of himself.

I didn’t engage with the movie for quite a while, and even considered stopping the film and doing something else, although I really wanted to like the film.

When the superficial stuff was finally over, the movie took on a deeper tone, but I remained rather aloof about it… then it happened.

Without spoiling it, there’s a scene towards the end which is clearly about grief, perhaps it represents Max missing his Dad and beginning to come to terms with that, I’m not sure.

But having had more grief than anyone deserves, I connected in an extraordinarily powerful way, and down I went like a pack of cards, completely overwhelmed, I cried like mad.

Even well after the credits rolled and while I was in the shower, I was still weeping about it.

It had managed to touch a very raw nerve.

Don’t worry, I gave myself some serious ice-cream therapy, yes there was lots of chocolate sauce, and yes, there were chopped nuts.

Katie had some ice-cream too.

I always think that the very best movies make me cry, this one was like a bomb with a very long fuse, but boy, when it went off, it really went off.

…one thing I don’t understand though, why should I have cried over Carol,  he ripped his best friends arm off, and his friend didn’t even mind.






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