Life on Mars

17 04 2013

I write this blog more as a personal diary that everyone can read, rather than a newspaper which happens to also take comment.

I have left social media for a while… For the longest time it seems like I couldn’t feel anything unless it was a sense of fear, sadness or worry, it’s killing me and unless I take a break now, and sit here alone with Katie and Vicky, then I will be broken.

No matter what I do in this world will make an inch of difference to anyone, I realised this yesterday…

When I was a teen, I kept to myself, I stayed home and watched TV and listened to Music with the company of a loyal dog.

Then I began to find friends online, and began to think I had wasted so much time.

But now I need my space again and have retreated, and I can’t say for how long.

I’m a being of the eighties, stuck here in the whatever they’re called, I feel somewhat like E.T. or Alf in a very foreign place and time, I’m lost and afraid, and I desperately need to go home.

Don’t be concerned, I’m eating and sleeping and watching DVDs I had forgotten I had, and Katie and Vicky are taking excellent care of me.

But I know I’m powerless and unable to make any change worth a damn to anybody, and have given up.

And that, in a nutshell, is that.




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