If I was a wealthy wolf.

14 04 2013

Dad and I used to take Benny, our first Alaskan Malamute out for a walk in the evening, and one of the things we’d often talk about was what if we won the lottery, it seemed as though winning a few million in the lottery was the only way to make at least some of our dreams come true.

It was a house we wanted, on lots of land, in the country… there was going to be a spa pool or hot tub in there somewhere and ahh yes… There was going to be a Bull.

No, We weren’t going to breed from him, or eat him… he would be our pet.

Yes, I’m sure some of you who have experienced life in the country will write and say things like “You know that bulls like to turn fences into necklaces” yes, I’ve heard the stories.

Mum, Dad and I have lived close to Melbourne all our lives, They had some experience with Horses, Mums Dad had Clydesdales when she was a young girl, before WWII, He had a furniture removal business.

We just wanted a Bull because they can be really good looking in a paddock.

The dream never came true and went mouldy, my parents died and I’m still here with Katie and Vicky.

I remain in the house I grew up in.

I have no ambitions any more, and I wait.





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