Spirit Hoods Road Test.

9 04 2013

“They’re a little bit Furry and a little bit Hipster”

I thought most people knew what a Spirit Hood was, I mentioned them on Twitter a week back and got blank stares, which is difficult in text, but there you go. I’ve known about them for about three years myself. They’re a kind of a plush hat which resembles a Wolf, Bear or some other animal, and I’ve been going to get one, but I wasn’t sure, they’re a bit expensive you see, but this year I took the plunge and bought one.

I bought the Grey Wolf version, which looks like this.


Firstly, I have to say, the feathers don’t come with the product, you can buy them from Spirit Hoods though, and they clip on via a stud in the ear… of course, if you’re good with crafts then making one yourself should be reasonably easy.

This design came with inbuilt headphones, which are water-proof and can be washed… but not put in the dryer, I didn’t really want these, but they were something extra, so… ok.

Tonight probably wasn’t the best night in Melbourne to try My Spirit Hood out, because although it was a cool autumn night in April, it definitely wasn’t cold either, but I wanted to know how they’d go, and I thought you might want to know too.

Well it was warm, very warm in fact, and I think it would be brilliant in cold weather, I found that my neck felt a lot warmer than when I just wear my beanie, and the arms can be joined together by a button and a loop… This is almost mandatory as the hood isn’t that stable on the head without it, it didn’t take much wind to lift the “arms” over the shoulders.

Although the speakers in the Spirit Hood wasn’t a selling point for me, I did try them, The audio from my iphone was fine, it’s not going to sound as good as standard earbuds, but there was nothing wrong with the sound either.

The problem was more with weight as a phone is a bit heavy for one arm and the whole thing can tilt over a bit, but it would be fine with a lighter iPod.

I suppose it could be countered with a wallet in the right paw.

The pocket seemed slightly too small for an iphone and wouldn’t be easy to access,

and I did wonder about having an inbuilt mic, well if there are built in speakers, then why not? but phones would need to get a bit lighter.

I wondered if you’d be less likely to lose your phone/ipod if it was in your hood? I know of a few people who have put their phones down and walked off without them, it’s the kind of thing I thought I’d do, but so far, so good, I still have my 3GS.


Here am I in my Spirit Hood.


Katie gave it a go too.

Am I worried about being seen wearing one?

Not at all, Firstly I’m a Furry, and I already have paws from a fursuit, they were given to me by a friend years ago and I’ve found them very very useful on cold winter nights, and I also have a tail which I’ve worn just the once so far.

I was pleased with the way it looked on me, I do love the lining, it’s very colourful. I’ve seen photos of Women wearing these and they look great.

I suspect that people will mostly buy these for their kids, but who declared that we should reach the age of twenty one and somehow not be allowed to have any fun any more? We should always allow time for play, I think it’s healthy.

One of the lovely things about these are that a percentage of the profits go towards wildlife protection, which is a nice touch.

I would love to get a spirit bear hood later, as I love the colours.

I found out later that these can be bought from a shop in Melbourne for about $150, but I bought mine directly from Spirit Hoods in LA. Delivery only took a few days via FedEx, So unless you have to go into the City or you want to try before you buy, then just get yours online, They’re cheaper too!

Should you get yourself one, I feel you’ll really like it, and will probably wear it often, especially when it’s cold, Thumbs up!


Spirit Hoods Online.




5 responses

11 04 2013

I’d just like to say, Katie looks *hilarious* wearing it 😛

Also, I recently bought something almost the same (though cheaper) at the easter show in Sydney.

11 04 2013
Wolfie Rankin

She does, She’s amazing when she just sits and poses, but she tends to look away from the camera so sometimes it’s hard to get a good shot, but mostly shes just the perfect model.

There are certainly cheaper forms of these out there, and if you find one that makes you happy, then definitely get that. 🙂

23 02 2014

Wow it looks really good on both you & your dog! 🙂

I live in Melbourne and I’m saving for one. I did hear that sometimes customs charge you extra money. Did this happen to you? Because I would like to get it for the official website, mainly for security and the donation towards endangered animals.

23 02 2014
Wolfie Rankin

I just payed via the website and that was it, maybe customs do if you buy more than one.

Update: I also have a tail now, I picked it up at the Armageddon sci-fi convention.

23 02 2014

Ohh yeah probably. Thank you so much though! That’s helped me a lot 🙂

Ooh that sounds cool! ^.^

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