4 04 2013

I was reading an article on people downloading Game of Thrones, and that it’s because people may not want to pay a cable company, or think DVDs are too expensive, or have no access to iTunes (GoT is available for download straight away from itunes in Australia).

I had also watched a TED video from a singer, who said that when she met fans, they would say “I downloaded your music, and I really like it, and I’d like to give you some money if that’s ok”. Apparently that happens quite a lot.

Why isn’t there a way to give tips to singers, actors, comedians, movie studios… directly?

Could there be a thing where you just watched the latest episode of Doctor Who and think “Wow that was great, I want to give them a fiver” ?

So it more or less turns everyone into a busker.

No it doesn’t replace normal forms of revenue, but it changes things.

What if we had some kind of system of payment where we can easily drop and drag some money onto anyones tweets, facebook, webpage or blog just to show our appreciation?

Imagine making money from people voluntarily dropping money onto your social media outlets, simply because they enjoy your content.

There’s an Aussie term called a “Shout”, Which means “I’ll buy you a thing” (usually coffee/beer) It could be done online, and should be, and it should be easy.







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4 04 2013

If I’m not mistaken, the singer was Amanda Palmer and that was a very moving video. It would be nice to tip people who entertain us just to show appreciation, not because they need the money.

4 04 2013
Wolfie Rankin

It was indeed Amanda Palmer. 🙂

4 04 2013

l don`t watch `thrones` but heard about the so-called `piracy` downloading. Funny that corporate america(micro$oft, apple, di$ney, $ony) don`t mind at all gouging Aussies in a big way, charging much more when they buy online, even tho Aussie dollar is equal to, or better than yank dollar. But they wail like babies coz some Aussies downloaded `thrones` for free. Sorry Wolfie, no sympathy for corporate america here.

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