Sorry Day

24 03 2013

Sorry Day



23 03 2013

I thought about power being wasted recently, and considered that my router is on when I sleep, and I don’t need it when I sleep.

Yes I could just manually switch it off each night, but I’d probably forget, so I went out and bought a digital timer, which will turn it off, while I’m likely to be asleep, and on again the next day when I am.

But I wondered, The timer is using power too so,  am I using more power than I’m saving?

How much power does a router use anyway?

Apart from saving power, turning off the router now and then is quite a good idea.

It’s strange, but a lot of people think they’re not allowed to turn the router off once it has been installed, but there’s a few reasons why it’s not a bad idea.

1. It saves power when it’s not in use, so switch it off at the wall now and then.

2. Nobody can steal your wi-fi when your router is switched off.

3. Sometimes your wi-fi can get a bit flaky, Switching your router off and on will generally reset your wi-fi signal and you’ll get better performance. NOTE: It’s best to turn your wi-fi off on your computer, or re-start your computer after switching your router off and on.

But back to my timer, I suspect that it uses less power than the analog type with the revolving disc which clicks as it operates, this one has an LCD clock in it which was operating while it was in the shop, and I suspect it uses a lot less power than the Router.

So, I’m iffy about it, will I save any power at all? not sure.

Could Routers be built with something to wake them up on detection of a familiar computer? and then go to sleep when all familiar devices are off?




18 03 2013

When you post online, you’re publishing content for others, and you should be concerned if what you post is accurate or not, otherwise we’re setting a poor example for people like News Limited who have no fucking idea.

                                                                                                            – Wolfie

Going Backwards

18 03 2013

Australia may soon have a new right wing government, and I personally find that a very scary thought.

Strangely enough, We call them The Liberal Government, their name indicates a left wing government, but yes, they are right wing, because of this, I prefer to call them the LNP or Coalition.

While we vote for a party in Australia, most of us have a leader in mind when we vote, so in reality I think we do vote for a leader, even though they may not be on our ballot papers, when we think of the Labor Government, We think of Julia Gillard, and equally we think of Tony Abbott in opposition.

Tony has been, as is often the case with right wing governments, a bit cosy with New Limited, and it’s leader Rupert Murdoch. (as is the case with Fox News in the US which is owned by Rupert Murdoch).

Why is this a bad thing?

Imagine you own all the newspapers, some radio stations and some TV stations, and you have a lot of people reading your work, or watching it on television once they’re home, that gives you a lot of power.

For instance, if you had a friend who built houses, and you decided to tell everyone, via your media company, that your friend builds the best houses, and another bloke built poor houses, then without checking the facts a lot of your readers and viewers would believe you and go off and pay for your friend to build them a house.

Your friend would get really rich and maybe the other builder who may have even built better houses, could go broke.

And that’s the trouble with people, people believe stuff… it’s easier to believe stuff, rather than checking to see if it’s right, a lot of people say they have no time to check the facts, and often they don’t know how to.

This is why people buy particular smart phones, or vote for people, or go to church.

Belief is a fence, a handy device to keep the sheep all together in one paddock. when people believe in things, they’re far easier to control.

While it may be harder to spend time sorting out the facts, perhaps simply by reading, you could end up with a better product in the end.

A lot of people right now are being told, by News Limited, that everything Julia Gillard does is wrong, but Tony Abbott is Mr Perfect, which is a bit like saying Bohemian Rhapsody was never as good as Achy Breaky Heart.

And they’re quite happy to accept it as the truth.

But in a few months we may have a leader who doesn’t believe (so he says) in Climate Change, Thinks that we should keep mining Gas and Oil rather than look at alternatives like wind and solar, Thinks wireless internet will work just as well as fiber optic cable (as a techie I can tell you it won’t, nothing is faster than light), doesn’t seem to like migrants much, doesn’t like gays and lesbians.

If we are so easily conned, then the future will not be pretty.

Simcity, the global DRM Crisis.

10 03 2013

I saw global outrage on social media yesterday.

Was it about Climate Change?

Was it about Famine?

Was it about Rape?

Was it about anything that people should be outraged about?

No, it was about how one company ruined a video game.

If there is anything to show how utterly self-centered people are today,

then this had to be it.


Picture 97

Up yer clacker!

10 03 2013

I was reading a set of live tweets from a man who went to hospital to have a still vibrating dildo removed from his nether end.

The nurse said that there was another patient in there with the same problem.

Apparently hospitals spend a lot of time pulling things out of bottoms.

And it’s probably because of all the silence… people want to stick things up their bottoms, but their not sure how to go about it or what to use.

Someone from a hospital somewhere really ought to make a statement, or the gay community (not that a man needs to be gay to use a dildo), but it might be helpful, I mean the first person you’d ask would be a gay friend.

Maybe there should be a place where you can go to learn how to use a dildo, and perhaps you could get a licence to use one?

Perhaps you could be fined for using a dildo incorrectly?

Dildoing with intent?

Dildoing without a seat belt?

Dildoing with an object unapproved for stimulation by the Government?

All jokes aside, it’s a problem… doctors who could be helping the sick are pulling things from bottoms, and it may not have happened if there was more casual instruction?


That story

Behind the wall.

9 03 2013

It was hopefully the final night of being in hospital, it was hot in there and between the temperature of the room, the sickness and the runs, there was little room for sleep.

Laying next to me was a patient whose wife had seen him admitted, but had to go back to the country to keep everything running, neither he nor I had seen a family member or friend for days, and we were both slipping into a kind of madness.

Nothing works unless you ask for it days in advance, there’s no TV and there’s no Phone, if you bring in a Radio it might work.

This Man wanted to phone his wife and tried to ring her, only to discover it wouldn’t let him, so he beat the crap out of it with the handset. Now I’m not one for vandalism, but I understand why he did it.

Behind the wall, someone who worked at the hospital was reciting a story they’d written, and now and then they would ask one of the nurses to play one of the characters, none of them were actors, that was plain, they all sounded like they were reading words from a page.

But the strangest thing about it was the story was about Wolfie the Werewolf.

I remember hearing bits and pieces of the story, and the accompanying score, for there was music to go with it, in between random hospital noises.

I would have got out of bed and tapped him on the shoulder, and shown him my t-shirt with my avatar on it, if I wasn’t so sick.

There he was, telling the tale aloud, while the real Wolfie was having a hard night, only meters away.


PS – His Wolfie died, I lived and went home to Katie.