Sex Museum

27 03 2013

I just went to someone elses blog, where they had a story on a sex museum, which was basically pre-historic dildos and fleshlights.

The writer seemed to suggest that he felt it was a bit shocking, fair enough, but I’ve personally never been bothered with sex, and have never understood why naked bodies or a bare nipple offends anyone.

I have a list of things which offend me far more… Cancer, Tony Abbott, Nuclear Energy, Rupert Murdoch, War, Torture, Climate Change, Animal Cruelty and many other things besides, but sex, nah.

Years ago I knew someone who had Percheron horses, these horses, not surprisingly, had huge penises. and what he did was work out a way to take a mould from the penis, and then make a dildo out of that.

The local sex shop was interested in these and he managed to sell quite a few.

He once joked that he would make a couple of brass ones to put at the end of his stairs.

It’s all harmless stuff.





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