Up yer clacker!

10 03 2013

I was reading a set of live tweets from a man who went to hospital to have a still vibrating dildo removed from his nether end.

The nurse said that there was another patient in there with the same problem.

Apparently hospitals spend a lot of time pulling things out of bottoms.

And it’s probably because of all the silence… people want to stick things up their bottoms, but their not sure how to go about it or what to use.

Someone from a hospital somewhere really ought to make a statement, or the gay community (not that a man needs to be gay to use a dildo), but it might be helpful, I mean the first person you’d ask would be a gay friend.

Maybe there should be a place where you can go to learn how to use a dildo, and perhaps you could get a licence to use one?

Perhaps you could be fined for using a dildo incorrectly?

Dildoing with intent?

Dildoing without a seat belt?

Dildoing with an object unapproved for stimulation by the Government?

All jokes aside, it’s a problem… doctors who could be helping the sick are pulling things from bottoms, and it may not have happened if there was more casual instruction?


That story




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