Why humans will never pay much attention to climate change.

8 03 2013

During our walk tonight, I thought about people and how strange they are, and why they will probably never care much about climate change.

To most people, the thought of losing an eye is a dreadful thing, yet not many care about their ears… they will delight in listening to live bands or movies (I remember a time you could see a movie and not be deaf by the end of it) or their headphones at the highest volume for hours on end… and if they lose their sensitivity to sound or go deaf, they don’t care a jot.

Then there’s smoking. Despite all warnings for the past forty years, there still exist corporations which sell tobacco to people who delight in inhaling smoke for some strange reason, horrific stories about cancer and photos of growths and of dying people on packets don’t sway them, they will keep puffing earnestly until their lungs turn black and they die a horrible death.

Then of course there is alcohol, which if drunk in copious amounts makes people lose their sense of who they are and causes them to throw up into strange toilet bowls at clubs or what have you… or even on other people. This is reputably called “A good night out”

People will sometimes eat until they resemble a massive blob of fat, unable to move without a powered chair, and perhaps go beyond that point where they cannot get out of bed at all, all because of a crazy lust for food.

They will also consume sugar until they end up on a course of daily insulin injections.

And they will also delight in burning themselves to a crisp, lying half naked on a beach.

So just how likely are we, considering we’ve known about Climate Change since the 1970s, to stand up and do something?

I really don’t think that will ever happen.

People aren’t interested or motivated about the subject at all, despite the fact that it will kill us.

A post on Ninjas or Nyan Cats will receive a lot of love and comments, but generally when I post on Climate Change, dead silence, which I think is extremely sad for us.





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10 03 2013

l wouldn`t say normal people, average citizens, those with no power, are dis-interested about global warming. What l would say is that most of these `average-citizens` realize that corporate interests want to continue to pollute the planet for profit and politicians are basically in their pocket. l hold no belief that this will change in a meaningful way, that will put people and planet above corporate profits.

10 03 2013

By the way Wolfie, l`m no science denier, and never have been.
l also don`t think a `tax` will help the environment, it will only put `hardship` on the poorest, and make `energy` a luxury item.

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