Recording Radio on Mac or Iphone, With a TuneIn Solution.

5 03 2013

I tried to record radio on my Mac, and I can’t believe it’s such an utter pain in the arse to get something which simply records an mp3 file of the recording.

I tried the soundflower/audacity combo and was left with something which sounded like someone had recorded an old tranny (70s slang for tiny radio) with a mic in a tin can… maybe there’s a way around that, I don’t know.

And I have tried almost everything else which had been suggested, yes I have googled and read and downloaded, but it was fail after fail.

Finally I gave up, I knew I could record,  a radio stream to my iphone with TuneIn Radio although I hadn’t actually done it yet.

After I was finished I found I had a perfectly good copy of what I needed, except there was no way to get the recording from the iphone.

Again I resorted to Google for help, and again software was mentioned which might work, One looked great… connect the iphone, search the directory for a weird file, copy that, rename it 12345.mp3 or wav or aac or….. and eventually you get a file which plays.

I came up with another idea, I tried it out, and it works.

Get yourself a stereo cable, one with two male jacks on each end, shove one into the iphone and the other into the mic socket on the mac.

Load up Audacity, Select “Built in input” (Where it generally says “Built in mic”)

Turn the Iphones volume up full, press record on Audacity, press play on your Iphone… let it transfer.





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