What Australia will miss without an NBN

4 03 2013

The NBN confuses a lot of people, but it’s not that hard to understand.

It’s all about light, light is the fastest thing we know and it’s light which gives the NBN all that amazing speed.

OK, but surely the cheaper version the LNP are suggesting will be cheaper and better?

Not really, the new internet the LNP are suggesting will let us down in a few areas, for instance.

Very soon a new kind of TV format will be launched, called Ultra High Definition, The clarity of these sets is going to be amazing, and should make current HD TVs look like a portable colour TV from the 70s.

But there’s a problem, the only way stations can transmit the UHD TV signal, is over fiber. The signal cannot be sent through the air like standard free to air television which we’ve all been used to.

If Australia does not have the NBN in place, there will never be UHD TV in Australia, it’s that simple.

And that’s just one of the big ticket things we will miss out on, if we don’t have an NBN.

Wikipedia article on Ultra High Definition TV

Five reasons why Australias NBN is better than Google Fiber





One response

5 03 2013

Yes Wolfie, this was what Kerry Packer wanted for the standard resolution throughout Ozzie, but Howard turned him down, because Kerry tried to sell it by saying “it is so clear you can SEE when a politician is lying” naturally the rodent couldn’t have that & killed it.

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