25 02 2013

Despite having drawn and written about Wolfie since 1986, I had no idea what Furries were until much later.

I had been bumbling around with computers for some time, I began with an Amstrad CPC6128 which Mum bought for my 21st Birthday, Yes it was a computer, but I could do very little with it, and feel that I should have asked for a really good camera instead or a hot guitar with lessons perhaps?

Then came the Amiga A500 and the Amiga A1200.

I had been messing around with a scanner, which was horribly expensive at the time and was something I should probably not have bought since I got very little use out of it… but I scanned in the picture of Wolfie in a circle, the logo I use today… but this version was my version, the very badly drawn version.

Then a friend who I had been going to Amiga clubs with, yes, physically lumping my computer somewhere, gave me an old modem, I think it was 14.4kbs or “slow as fuck”, but in those days there were no movies or songs to download, it was mostly text and the odd jpg.

I found a BBS and would download files from there, and they also had some Usenet Newsgroups, I became more interested in that, and eventually got a proper internet account with Aardvark.

I had found alt.horror.vampires, a discussion group about vampires, and I naturally wondered if there was a werewolf one.

Eventually I found Alt.Horror.Werewolves (AHWW) and hung out there and made my first internet friends.

Of course there was porn on the internet, and I became quite a fan of the alt.binary.pictures.erotica groups which contained data that I had to piece together by hand before I could see it.

I had lived a very sheltered life and had been effectively prevented from seeing anything naughty, of course once I got online, the world was my oyster.

I saw my first ever gay porn, and I saw other varieties too, any porn I had seen before that was of women.

I noticed Alt.Binaries.Pictures.Erotica.Furry and assumed that must be something to do with hairy gay men, and for a while I didn’t bother with it, but eventually did… and that’s how I found out about Furries.

So had I not gone looking for porn, the online empire which I have now, may never have existed.

True story.





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