Those eyes

15 02 2013

When we allow our dogs to put their heads out of a car window on a trip, we think that it’s really cute, they do love it. But people often don’t understand how that can lead to serious eye problems and a huge vet bill.

If even the tiniest bug or grain of sand hits the eye at high speed, it can cause a deep scratch that perhaps won’t bother your dog much at first, dogs don’t seem to worry much about their eyes like we do, so you may not notice any damage for weeks.

Now the hole can simply heal up without you knowing, but it can also turn into an ulcer.

A small ulcer can be healed with medication, prescription  eye drops and pills provided by your vet.

However, a larger ulcer may require an operation and this will be performed not by your regular vet, but by an animal eye specialist.

If this operation is held off, then your dog will most likely lose the eye, and in the worst case, die of infection, so it’s something which requires immediate attention.

However it is also expensive, you’re looking at a bill exceeding $1000.

So allowing your dog to enjoy a few minutes of fun is not worth it.

But if you’ve been following my story about Katie, well it probably wasn’t a car trip which caused the problem in her case, she seems to love poking her face into bushes with lots of pointy sticks in them. I’ve often pulled her back from spiky plants while we’re out walking.

Also, the breed of dog who is most prone to eye injury is the pug with it’s vulnerable bulging eyes, loveable, but a potential problem in waiting.





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