Tears for Fears

23 01 2013

A lot of people think the Tears for Fears version of “Mad World” is too boppy, but I would like to explain how I think the mood of it works.

There was a sound at that time, which was possibly created by Fun Boy Three, for “The Lunatics have taken over the Asylum”. and I think Tears for Fears used a similar sound for “Mad World”.

The sound evoked images of Asylums, Madness, Padded cells, Old Matrons with veils and a poor person who was crying out via his song.

It dripped with “Insanity”, and I visualised a sort of David Bowie “Ashes to Ashes” kind of thing.

I think those of us who were there in the early 80s understood what the sound meant.

All I get from the Gary Jules version is a bloke moping to himself in his room somewhere.




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