Ruining a mozzies evening

4 01 2013

Catching a mozzie while laying in your bed in the dark, is difficult, a person tends to whack away at the air and rarely gets anywhere… but if you really cannot get out of bed and get the fly spray, or if you have run out, here’s a method I’ve come up with… sometimes it actually works.

Pull the sheet up around your neck, so that the mozzie is attracted to your head, your arms should remain under the sheets… ready to spring the trap.

Hold the sheet in a way that you can pull it up over your head as quickly as possible.

Wait for the mozzie to approach, I find it’s best to bide your time and let it get as close as possible.

Get your legs into a position where you can push the blankets up quickly.

When the mozzie buzzes your ear, lift the sheet up and at the same time lift up your legs to form a tent in the bedclothes… this produces a vacuum effect, which hopefully sucks the mozzie in under the sheet.

By this time you should have also pulled the sheet over your head and be under the sheet.

You may hear a mozzie in panic, if you do, you have almost won.

Do not lift the sheet up, hold it down and push your head out, so that it’s almost like pushing your head through a tight t-shirt.

Then whack the bedclothes.

The mozzie is now dead, sleep well.




3 responses

4 01 2013
Steven Kendall

And you wake up in the morning covered in mozzie guts?

4 01 2013
Brad Lemon

Ewww, and sleep in dead mozzie? You’ve been putting up with fleas for too long. I might admit to a slight bit of awe at the cleverness of your sheet trap.

4 01 2013
Wolfie Rankin

Dear dear me, they’re tiny.

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