Human hypocrisy

1 01 2013

So I’m at Franks place and we’re having a talk at the table.

Frank is a farmer, We’re at his farm where he raises cattle.

The discussion swings around to people who are turned on by animals.

I knew an old bloke once who told me that he was in love with his horses, he spent every spare minute he had with them, took great care of them, and yes, sex was involved.

I once asked him if he thought his Mother knew about it, and he suspected she did, because after all, Mothers tend to know things… But she let him be just the same.

Frank had heard about it, “it goes on but isn’t talked about much” He said.

He disagreed with it because a horse or a cow can’t tell you what it wants. He felt it wouldn’t be so bad if the animal could agree to it in the same way a human could, it wasn’t consensual and that’s what made it wrong.

But I thought that if that was the case, would a Swedish speaking Woman think it was wrong to have sex with a Greek speaking man? is language any barrier to sex?

Animals communicate their feelings to people, My dog tells me when she’s hungry or wants a walk, or whether she’s scared or happy, I know she dislikes a bath but tolerates it anyway.

Later I thought about Franks cattle, He had recently had rubber bands put around the bull calves scrotums, so that their balls would drop off so their bodies wouldn’t be full of testosterone, which would make their meat tough.

How would a young bullock feel about being someones sunday roast?

I wondered where the article of consent was there?




2 responses

1 01 2013

There’s always the fact that (unless they’re tied down or drugged, in which case it quite obviously isn’t consenting) the larger animals (horses, cows etc) are more than capable of showing their displeasure by way of a swift kick backwards. Anything where a male animal is the one doing the thrusting, similarly they want to do it.

1 01 2013
Wolfie Rankin

Parrot humps the head of a zoologist

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